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Curley Cone Car Shows

Antique Car Shows

Each summer we host car shows on Saturday nights. It's a great time to see our Cone Amphi (amphibian) car. Yup ~ you can drive on the road or take a cruise in the lake!

Curley Cone Boat Shows

Boat Shows

Along with our car shows, we also host various boat show nights each summer where you can display your special boat and enjoy a treat!

Curley Cone Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Each Fall, enjoy our special Cone Pumpkin Patch! For $5 you can enjoy a small ice cream cone, small hot caramel cider or a cookie and pick a pumpkin!

Curley Cone Car Shows

Christmas at the Cone

It might be cold outside but it's warm at the Cone! Come in and enjoy our homemade treats, homestyle meals and see our amazing Christmas tree and Nativity scene!