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Curley Cone Bakery Fudge

Homemade Fudge

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Homemade Cakes

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Curley Cone Bakery

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Bakery Menu

$12.00 per pound

Slice of Pie
$3.50 Plain or $4.00 with ice cream or whipped cream

Giant Rice Crispy Wedges
$2.50 each

$3.00 Single (Gourmet Cupcake)
$1.50 Single (Small Cupcake)
$7.00 for Half a Dozen

Fudge or Caramel Apple
$3.50 each or $5.00 with toppings

$3.00 each

Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting
$3.50 each or $7.00 Double

Apple or Cherry Turnovers
$3.00 each

Colossal Cookies
$2.50 Single
$6.50 for Bag of 3

$2.50 per slice
*We are available to make custom birthday or event cakes! Please inquire directly and we can provide specialty cake pricing. Please note that we only create cakes with whipped or butter cream frosting vs. fondant (we just LOVE the taste soo much better!)

Cake Pops
$2.50 each

Cotton Candy
$2.50 each

Peanut Brittle
$5.00 Half Pound

$6.00 Half Pound

Giant Peanut Butter Balls
$6.00 each

Mason Jar Pecans
$6.50 each

Old Fashioned Rock Candy
$3.50 Half Pound

'Grandma's' Okee Dokee
$4.50 Plain

Gun Lake Crunch
$6.00 a Bag

Lemon Pound Bread
$2.00 per slice or $7.00 whole loaf

Banana Nut Bread
$2.50 per slice or $10.00 whole loaf


*All bakery and menu items and prices are subject to change, based upon daily availability. Always consult our staff and review our inhouse menus for the most up-to-date information and current pricing.